The Judge Daniel D’Alessandro Case FM-09-1928-14A

I do not believe my ex-wife will ever let me be a father to my son again. My life has no meaning. The most important thing in my life, my son, has been taken away from me.

It is not only that I cannot have him in my life, I am devastated because I know he wants to have me in his life and he is powerless to make it happen. He does not understand why I am not allowed to be with him. I can see his desperation, his sadness. Whenever it is time to hang up our 5 minute Skype calls he says…”No” and that kills me, it takes my breath away, and makes me want to die….it is so unfair.

It is so unfair that a 3yr old boy is destroyed for life so that Brad Micklin can buy his children expensive shoes.

I am now being told that the only thing I have to do to reunite with my son is to sign a settlement agreement that has clauses to lead me in jail at the whim of my ex-wife. I can't see how my child will benefit if I am in prison.

I have created this website as a last effort to bring my spouse to her senses, to inform her family and social circle of the other side of the story, to show her that the Court orders she claims I have disobeyed, are unconstitutional, unfair, damaging to the future of our son.

I am not optimistic that she will agree to a viable solution. Even if she wanted to, she is being blackmailed by Brad Micklin financially; he will just not let her go.

I have created this website so that there is a record of the crime that took place in the Courts of NJ in 2014, a case study that might protect other children.

I originally thought I should create this website so that my son can learn the truth when he grows up. Unfortunately, my son will not care who was at fault when he grows up. He will be so psychologically damaged that his problems will far surpass the disagreements that his parents had.

The only thing my son will know for sure, is that his father was not next to him and that his mother is a person he will hate for the rest of his life. How hard must that be for him? Every child needs and deserves both parents. How does the court system justify a child not having a parent because they sent their parent to prison?

What a terrible future for a child. He will forever be alone.

I love you so much