The Judge Daniel D’Alessandro Case FM-09-1928-14A

Fathers File New Class Action Complaint Against Family Judges

Charles Toutant, New Jersey Law Journal, January 23 2015

A group of fathers that were deprived of child custody in violation of their constitutional rights, filed a complaint on January 22 2015 in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey naming five Family Part Judges as defendants.

“The fathers claim they lost custody of their children after being given short notice of orders to show cause (to defend themselves) accusing them of domestic violence or being incompetent parents. Many of the plaintiffs claim they had no chance to retain counsel before losing custody and visitation, and are required to demonstrate a change in circumstances before they can regain custody.”

"Among the plaintiffs is Surender Malhan, who cites the proceedings in which he lost custody of his two children after their mother filed an order to show cause (for the father to prove he is not an incompetent parent) requesting full custody. Judge Sogluizzo gave Malhan less than two hours’ notice of the proceeding and did not allow him to present evidence to refute the mother’s claims that he was an unfit parent, the suit says."

The judges named in the suit are John Call Jr. of Burlington County; Nancy Sivilli of Essex County; and Maureen Sogluizzo of Hudson County; and Lawrence DeBello and Anthony Massi of Mercer County.

This is what Daniel D'Alessandro did with me as well. In my case, there was no notice whatsoever. I appeared on a hearing to discuss my ex-wife’s temporary support motion in which she was accepting joint physical/legal custody only to have my son taken away from me. Brad Micklin hijacked the hearing and asked for my son to be taken away from me immediately and with no possibility of seeing him at all due to my losing my job earlier that month.

Instead of Judge D’ Alessandro giving me a few weeks to prepare to defend against this frivolous claim, he imposed supervised visitation on me which empowered my ex-wife to totally abuse and harass me using access to my son as leverage. This became then the status quo which resulted in my losing my parental rights (the supervisor was not available and I had to be supervised by my vindictive ex wife).

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